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Department of  Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Electronics and Communication Engineering programme reflects the wide diversity of communication and data transmission technologies which we all accept as vital part of our everyday lives from traditional radio, telegraphy and microwave systems to state-of-the-art optical, satellite and cellular (mobile) communication systems. Students taking this degree learn about the operating principles and design of VLSI, chip design, wireless networks and satellite communication systems. If you have an enquiring mind and have a broad interest in electronics, together with a wish to pursue a career in communication systems, this programme is for you.


Renowned Guest Faculty :

Prof. M.L. Kothari (IIT-D), Dr. S.C. Bose (CEERI-Pilani), Prof. S.S. Patnaik (NITTTR-Chd.),  Ms. Sukanya Das (Birla Ind.),  Prof. J.S. Saini (DCRUST),  Dr. R.C. Jain (JAYPEE, Noida),  Dr. P.C. Jain (CDAC, Noida)


Courses Taught :

• Analog Electronics

• Microelectronics Circuits

• Digital Electronics & Computer Organizations

• Modern Communication Technologies

• Information Theory & Coding

• Control System

• Data Structures and Algorithms

• Computer Networks

• Digital Signal Processing

• Digital Communication

• Electromagnetic Fields & Microwave Engineering

• Analog & Digital VLSI Design

• Satellite Communication

• Telecommunication Switching System & Networks

• Multimedia Computing

• Special Projects


Upon completion of this programme, graduates will be able to design, develop, install, test and maintain communication systems. Each student is transformed into a well-trained professional engineer with the skills and vision to enable to progress further in career path as an Electronics & Communication Engineer in this repidly changing knowledge-based economy. The programme will also equip you to pursue post-graduate studies.


Career Opportunities :

The electronics and communication industries continue to be major growth areas all over the world and offer excellent

job opportunities. Some of the reputed industries who have hired our graduates are:

Tech Mahindra




L&T Infotech